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How to implement ACTAtek solution in projects?
Please kindly check the attached presentation file for more information.
Where can I download the high resolution files of ACTAtek Logo and Product pictures?
Please kindly download the files from the below Dropbox link.
[Video]Jakin Cloud Biometric and RFID IoT technologies.
[Video]Jakin cloud biometric and RFID solutions.
[Video]ACTAtek AMS Mobile Apps.
[Video]ACTAtek with CCTV integration
Looking for Access Control and Time Attendance solution? Now you can have a better choice. ACTAtek also can provide Video Surveillance solution.All-in-one with enterprise level solution.Choose ACTAtek...
[Video]Water and Impact resistant:ACTAtek Biometric system
One of the common failures in biometric devices is that the biometric sensor is not durable and spoilt easily. The biometric sensor is usually the Failure point of the Biometric system.    ...
[Video]ACTAtek Video Output Demo clip
This is the demo video for new ACTAtek3 with Video Output connected to DVR as ACS and Video Surveillance system.  
[Video]ACTAtek Web based access by iPhone
Access device any time any where.No need to install any software.Only browser.Think web-based solution,think ACTAtek.   
[Video]Actatek-Terminals Series 3

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