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[Video]Water and Impact resistant:ACTAtek Biometric system


One of the common failures in biometric devices is that the biometric sensor is not durable and spoilt easily. The biometric sensor is usually the Failure point of the Biometric system. 



Unlike other conventional IT products, Biometric systems are usually placed outdoor and also rigorously used when it is used to take Time Attendance of hundreds if not thousands of users everyday. Therefore the lifespan of biometric system in the market has been less than 1 year. 


With ACTAtek Biometric system, you are able to have an IP 65 rating on the biometric device. IP65 provides Water and Impact resistant to the biometric product to allow a robust and durable system. It will be suitable for outdoor installations. Even with water running on the biometric sensor, ACTAtek biometric system will be still working perfectly!!!


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