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Jakin Technical Support Statement & Warranty Program


Please kindly referred to the attached files for more information.



Please send all technical support emails to [email protected] or to submit a support ticket, we will get back to you as soon as possible, typically within 6 hours.

We will only serve the hardware/software which are under warranty. If only software is under warranty, we will ONLY support the software and WILL NOT service any issue related to the hardware and vice versa for hardware.

All our devices are manufactured under the most stringent quality assurance processes according to our Best Value Provider statement. (Please highlight as a link. Also do the same for all above where appropriate) 


ams-terms-and-conditions-updated.pdf ams-terms-and-conditions-updated.pdf
best-value-provider-final.pdf best-value-provider-final.pdf
Covering-letter-for-revised-warranty-and-licensing-terms.pdf Covering-letter-for-revised-warranty-and-licensing-terms.pdf
hardware-warranty-final.pdf hardware-warranty-final.pdf
ta-terms-and-conditions-final.pdf ta-terms-and-conditions-final.pdf
optional-support-statement-final.pdf optional-support-statement-final.pdf

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