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I.AMS installation
 You can select 'HD' video quality or check this video link.
II.The device registration with AMS.
You can select "HD" video quality or check this video link.
III AMS installation and user guide
AMS installation and user guide with embedded HD video download link. Please check the attached file for more information.
ACTA3 demonstration at a glance
ACTA3 Web UI Training
ACTA3 Barcode Reader (Slot)
Please kindly follow the below steps to finish the setup of the barcode reader.   1)Make sure that the device's model no. is ACTA3-X-X-EXBC. 2)Power off ACTA3 device,and then connect the seri
To enroll new RFID cards from IP reader's web ui.
Please download the user guide file from this download link.  
IP Reader Reset
Access Manager Suite User Import From Excel Spreadsheet
Adding a Person's Fingerprint into the ACTA3
Clocking in with a Fingerprint Using the ACTA3
[German Language]ACTA3 Demo
Jakin ID technical training
Please download the presentation file from this link. Please download the recorded file from this link.

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