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Where can I download the ACTA3 wiring diagram file?
Please kindly download the file from the attached file.  
What was the ACTAtek3 device's dimensions?
Please kindly download the
Where can I download the latest ACTAtek3 User Manual file?
Please kindly check the attached file.    
Where can I download the ACTAtek3 quick guide file?
Please kindly check the attached file for more information.
How to enable the device's Remote Syslog function?
Step1. The client can Google for free 3rd party's Syslog server tools software such as Kiwi Syslog Server Free Edition.   Step2. After runn
Does ACTAtek device support interlock function?
It doesn't matter whether ACTAtek device can support Doors Interlock function or not. This function can be achieved by connecting a door status sensor into the electric lock control circuit.See the a...

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