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May we have the steps about how to migrate the AMS from old AMS server to new one?


1.       Install AMS at new Server/PC.




Please help provide the new AMS server's Product Key,and also the old/existing AMS's Product Key,and its screenshot file of About page.After that,our support team will help generate the new AMS key for the new AMS server.


2.       Please Login to device's [Terminal List]page to check the last Event Logs sending status ,and make sure that it was synchronized.


3.       Take full SQL backup of old AMS database.


4.       Restore SQL backup on new Server/PC.


5.       Ensure AMS looks at the restored  DB on new Server/PC.


6.       Point ACTAtek devices to new  Server/PC. It means that the client will need to un-register the devices with old AMS server,and then re-register it with new  Server/PC  in case of the new Server/PC's IP address was also changed.


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